sodagreen- Believe in Music (Live at The Stage)

Believe in Music (Live at The Stage)
Title: Believe in Music (live at the stage)

Release Date: 11/17/2005

Label: Willin Music

01. (PC File) (電腦檔案)
02. AIR (Video)
03. Believe in Music (Video)
04. Believe in Music
05. Spider Sky 蜘蛛天空
06. I Don’t Care

This is the third CD of sodagreen. The three new songs “Believe in Music,” “I Don’t Care” and “Spider Sky” were performed on July 24th, 2007, at The Stage. This CD also has two music videos, so it can be called AVCD.

Some people say the live performance of sodagreen is more charming than their performance in the CD. Actually, it is more challenging to record a live concert. You have only one time to record voice at a live concert, not like being able to do recording all over again at a studio. Of curse, the newest technology allows people to correct certain flaws from a live performance, but we didn’t do this on the production of this CD. The job of the producer was just to do their best to capture every sound made by sodagreen at the concert.

It’s just because of the belief in music magic, belief in sodagreen’s live performance, belief in true, real music. Thus, that’s it. Just let forever be forever. A wonderful record forever. That day, sodagreen was very rock, very different from what we had seen on “Hallucination in the Air” and “Flying Fish.”

This kind of band with unlimited imagination and music boundary is bringing another maturation and technology to teenagers. They keep challenging themselves. People hold their breath while listening to their rock, powerful music. However, at the same time, sodagreen still keeps their original flavor. This is sodagreen. Always bring people unexpected surprises.

P.S. This CD is made in AVCD format, including two music videos and three songs. If you are playing this CD with a CD player, please start with the 4th track. And also make sure that your CD player can support AVCD format.

Source: Willin Music

* Translated from Hitoradio.


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