sodagreen- Little Universe

Little Universe
Little Universe 小宇宙

Release Date: 10/20/2006

Label: Willin Music

01. You Are, You Will
02. Little Universe 小宇宙
03. Little Love Song 小情歌
04. Symbol 符號
05. Temporarily Out of Control 暫時失控
06. City Besieged by Rain 被雨困住的城市
07. Already 已經
08. Noisy 吵
09. Behind You 背著你
10. Plunge 墜落
11. Song without Words 無言歌

Why is this city so messy?
I just want my own little universe.

Each music orbit is the footprint of each love.
Even your planet is different from mine.
But I will be able to discover an orbit which connects you and me!
Therefore, I am waiting for you on my planet, and you are waiting for me on yours.

Source: Willin Music

* Translated from Hitoradio.

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