sodagreen- Sodagreen

sodagreen 蘇打綠同名專輯

Release Date: 09/03/2005

Label: Willin Music

01. Regret 後悔莫及
02. Flying Fish 飛魚
03. oh oh oh…
04. That moment is over
05. My Ocean 是我的海
06. Floating 漂浮
07. Frequency 頻率
08. You 你喔
09. Landing Practice Existence Twin Gene 降落練習存在孿生基因
10. Relativity Theory IV 相對論IV
11. bonus track: Peek 窺

Soda Green#:
[n.] rhythmic beverage chronically eroding soul
[v.] Change rock spirit, change music rule
[adj.] Hard to bear at the first time of listening but can’t say no
[adv.] Softly and pleasingly, warmly and bravely

Source: Willin Music

#Willin Music has made an announcement on sodagreen’s official English as all-lower-case letters and only one word.

* Translated from Hit FM radio.

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