Angela Chang- Flower in the Wonderland

Flower in the WonderlandFlower in the Wonderland (Deluxe Edition)

Release Date:

Original Edition: 01/12/2007

Deluxe Edition: 03/19/2007

Release Company: Linfair Records


01. 夢裡花 Meng Li Hua (Flower in the Wonderland)

02. 不痛 Bu Tong (Not Painful)

03. C大調 C Dai Diao

04. 樣子 Yang Zih (Appearance)

05. 幻想愛 Huan Siang Ai (Imaging Love)

06. 給你給我 Gei Ni Gei Wo (Give You Give Me)

07. 交換 Jiao Huan (Exchange)

08. 其實很愛你 Ci Shih Hen Ai Ni (Actually Love You Very Much)

09. 淚光 Lei Guang (Light of Tear)

10. 愛上愛的味道 Ai Shang Ai De Wei Dao (Love Taste of Love)

11. 尋寶 Syun Bao (Treasure Hunting)


2007/1/12 “Flower in the wonderland” is blossoming all over Asia 
Courage  Transformation  Trilogy
2006 Bai Bian Sin Shih Li (Various New Power;
百變新勢力)  Concert
Establish her powerful position in Asia

Asia’s new voice    First album “OVER THE RAINBOW”
Hear the light of voice  Second album “AURORA”
Play in the world of sound and light  Third album “PANDORA”

    Angela’s previous three albums have gained a very good sell. Successful promotion and strategies have made her become a new superstar in Asia. The image of “childhood fun,” “drama-like feeling” and “coming from the universe” that was created at the debut becomes her trademark. Especially, the three albums and the three concerts inChina helped establish her title in pop music, “Super Asian Queen of Various Styles(亞洲百變天后).” Angela doesn’t become arrogant because of these. She keeps improving herself and persisting in music. This new album “Flower in the Wonderland” illustrates her hard work, growth and transformation. Her process of chasing dreams is completely shown in this album. Her fans will listen to her heart, her mind, her personality throughout this album!
   After becoming a new superstar in Asia, Angela’s music styles become more comprehensive. Her wide and powerful singing mixes well with the elements of foreign folk music and legendary secrets. The third album includes Hip-hop and dancing. For the three concerts, Angela stretched her body and rehearsed dance steps, showing that she could be trained to dance. She is about to have another series of concert in 2007 in Taipei. She will be on stage again, waiting for everyone’s response and comment.
    One year after the prior album “Pandora,” Angela is releasing her fourth album “Flower in the Wonderland” in January 2007. Her flower will be blossoming all over Asia.

One song changes one world
Beyond the reality  Folk song  Flower in the Wonderland

    Angela’s hit song “Yin Hsing Te Chih Pang” becomes Asians’ favorite. This song brings people motivation and peace and further delivers out her singing power, establishing her place in Asia.
   The first single “Meng Li Hua” in this album also holds the concept that “one songcan change one world.” We hope this song will also bring Chinese people dreams and hope.
    “Meng Li Hua” is a mix of “super reality” and “folk.” This is not only a new try for Angela but a challenge. The melody of this song was created while she was sleeping. She heard someone singing this song during the sleep. She digitally recorded the melody right after waking up and shared it with the producer Jyuan-Ting Chen (陳俊廷)! Mr. Chen, therefore, asked someone to compose the entire song. The someone is Yi-Wei Wu (吳易緯), Little Prince (小王子) and Hua Lun (花輪). Angela also participated in the production and proposal.

Million-dollar Music Video  Artificial Snowing  Brave Performance  Big breakthrough

    The music video director Jhong-Ping Huang (黃中平) set up a white film scene in particular- a white forest, a white snow land, a white floating wood etc. He also invited a nationally-known giraffe master to paint clouds that fit the whole white scene. Angela had several breakthroughs in the music video, such as being hung up in the air and showing her naked back. Although it was freezing on that day, she still worked very hard for the sake of the fans. Moreover, the row salt shipped from Chi Gu Salt Hill (七股鹽山) covered the film scene. Angela was asked to lie down on the salt. Unexpectedly, the dress she was wearing was so thin that her should was swollen and turned red. For the good outcome of the video, she just smiled and said, “Hang in there!”
    Angela faced those challenges of course because of the hope of giving people the dream of “beyond the reality,” which is the concept of the new song “Meng Li Hua.” Everyone must tune on to this music video.

Super-Real Folk Style  Classical Music Elements
11 Good songs  All Included
Purchase Gift  A-year 07′ Angela Calendar

  There are 11 songs in this album. She was very busy with commercial performances and advertisements in China. The agency and record production departments both wanted to have her time. Finally, Angela got time to record this new album. Although there was some trouble while she was recording this album, the music company still selected 11 songs out for her album, including “Syun Bao” and “Ci Shih Hen Ai Ni”, which have been showed in the commercial and drama earlier.
    Mainly, some classical music elements frame the album. We hope Angela’s growth and transformation can been shown in her singing and music. People can understand the hard work of the producers by means of the first three singles.

“Meng Li Hua,” the first single. This is a mixture of “beyond the reality” and “folk” and expresses Angela’s powerful, clean singing again. It brings you to cross the boundary of time and space. It also blossoms your dreams.

“Bu Tong,” the second single.「不痛」,第二主打, Tao Zih (桃子) and Huai-En Chen (陳懷恩) write the song, composed by Huai-En Chen. The beginning has a creepy atmosphere. The whole song uses a lot of instrumental music. Angela uses her powerful singing again to make this very powerful song. Chinese theme song for the Korean drama “What Planet Are You From” on GTV Channel 41.
“C Dai Diao,” the third singles. By famous lyrist Ya-Chun Wang (王雅君). ,與動靜音樂的年度力作,這是一首展現『自我主張』與『個性GIRL POWER』古典的精緻中快板歌曲,全曲採用C大調指型的常見練習曲,編曲華麗中帶點魔力的曲風,讓歌迷朋友們透過這一首歌,也能溶出屬於你自己最特別的口味。Le tea 法式果茶奇異果口味廣告歌。

   專輯中的「愛上愛的味道」歌曲,也大量使用一些古典樂器,如小提琴、小喇叭、小鼓、風琴等,呈現出快樂又繽紛佳節氣氛,繼『喜歡你沒道理』歌曲之後的甜密中快版歌曲。「樣子」這首歌曲,屬於中版節奏搖滾,融合DRUM&BASS的曲風、編曲層次與段落明顯,在搭上張韶涵,似說即唸的唱法,展現出只有Angela張韶涵身上才有的個性『樣子』。『淚光』歌曲,簡單地用吉他和弦加上張韶涵呢喃式的唱法,吟唱出帶點中國風味的Unplug弦樂四重奏民謠,2007早春,第一首驅走寒冷,帶來光芒與希望的暖洋洋國民民謠歌。『 幻想愛』歌曲,是一首充滿異國夢想+浪漫想像的抒情搖滾,歌曲表達出女生對愛情的患得患失與期待。『給你給我』歌曲,要給你聽覺感受到全新不一樣的張韶涵式的『女生至上』態度歌。
   這一次除了預購就可以得到的『A-Pass夢想票夾』或是『Ang許夢新年卡』之外,購買專輯的歌迷朋友們,還可以隨專輯得到桌上型『A -year2007年韶光年曆』,張韶涵的不同造型,一次收藏,從頭到尾陪伴歌迷們度過一整年的時光。

百變張韶涵 黑白金三顏色
時尚個性   百萬置裝造型
斗篷look  兼具性感&個性

強檔韓劇 搭配主題曲
鈴聲下載 電信主打星

    專輯中,『不痛』這一首歌也被八大電視台相中,成為41台強檔韓劇,由金來沅與鄭麗媛主演『你來自哪顆星』的全球中文指定曲,2006/12/25起,在GTV八大戲劇台 41頻道 ,每週一至週五晚間九點 上映。

From Linfair Records.

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