Angela Chang- Over the Rainbow

Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow 2


Original Version-

01. 寓言 Yu Yan (Fairy Story)

02. 都只因為你 Dou Jhih Yin Wei Ni (All Just Because of You)

03. 我的最愛 Wo De Zuei Ai (My Best Love)

04. 天邊 Tien Bian (Edge of Sky)

05. 吶喊 Na Han (Yell)

06. 雨後 Yu Hou (After Rain)

07. 遺失的美好 Yi Shih De Mei Hao (Goods of Lossing)


Deluxe Version-


01. Over The Rainbow

02. 寓言 Yu Yan (Fairy Story)

03. 都只因為你 Dou Jhih Yin Wei Ni (All Just Because of You)

04. 我的最愛 Wo De Zuei Ai (My Best Love)

05. 天邊 Tien Bian (Edge of Sky)

06. 聽見月光 Ting Jian Yue Guang (Hear Moonlight)

07. 吶喊 Na Han (Yell)

08. 雨後 Yu Hou (After Rain)

09. 明明愛你 Ming Ming Ai Ni (Love You)

10. 真愛冒險 Jhen Ai Mao Sian (Adventure of True Love)

11. 遺失的美好 Yi Shih De Mei Hao (Goods of Lossing)



1. 寓言 Yu Yan  MV
2. 我的最愛 Wo De Zuei Ai  MV
3. 天邊 Tien Bian  MV
4. 吶喊 Na Han  MV
5. 雨後 Yu Hou  MV


“No 21-year-old girl is singing like her! With a small stature, she can sing so loudly!” Music producers said.

Angela had an impressive performance on acting although she always had a dream on singing. She could be Siao Si, who is brave enough to make her dream come true, in the soap opera “MVP Lover.” She could be Yi Tien-Bian, who is crazy about singing and always has a dream, in the soap opera “Dolphin Bay.”

Angela’s debut impressed many people via the song “Journey” in “Dolphin Bay”. Her clear voice made the girl in the soap opera true and pure! Many people thought that song was sung by a foreigner!

The end song of “Dolphin Bay,” “Yi Shih De Mei Hao,” emphasized Angela’s sweet voice. She sang out the sweetness and bitterness after falling in love with someone. This song was the number one download ringtone!

Sorry to let everyone waiting so long! Angela finally releases her fist album “Over the Rainbow” in 2004!

Because of the role of Yi Tien-Bian, she remembered the song “Over the Rainbow” which her mom sang to her when she was a kid. Therefore, “Over the Rainbow” became the name of her fist album, her start.

This album was produced by five famous producers, including Wei Chen (陳偉), Lung-Hsuan Lin (林隆璇), Yi Huang (黃怡), Chih-Ping Wang (王治平) and Chun-Ting Chen (陳俊廷).  At the first place, everybody thought Angela just liked singing. In the meantime, they found that Angela broke the stereotype. Every time after recording a song, Angela always gave them a new feeling of the song, and her voice even led to a new composition. The producers almost went crazy because they needed to remake the composition again!
“No generation of music life can be controlled!” This is the reflection from Angela’s album! She were like living in Jurassic Era, able to make a loud sound with her small body!

“I though it’s the time to sing as long as I opened my mouth.” Angela said.
Rare power    Clear and High
Trained for 365 days    Never stop working    Finally dream come true

Angela won BCC Talent Show (中廣流行之星歌唱比賽) in Canada. She loves singing since she was a kid. She liked to listen to songs by A-mei Chang, Yu-Sheng Chang (張雨生) and Mavis Fan. She sang “Mei You Yan Chou De Rih Zih” (沒有煙抽的日子; Days Without Cigarette) by Yu-Sheng Chang at the final.

She appeared in every talent show in Canada. She could satisfy her desire towards singing and win a lot of prizes. She won a lot of the household utilities for her family.

Thereafter, she was brought back to Taiwan by Lung-Hsuan Lin. At the beginning, no companies were willing to sign her until she met Linfair Records. The boss Keng-Yu Chang (張耕宇) appreciated her talent, and she got to start her singing career.

After a year of training in singing, recording, filming, dancing, swimming, jogging, cardiopulmonary function and school concerts, she is finally on the stage!

The tight trainings made her loss weight all the way to 33kg! Many people were worried about her health. However, she had never complained of anything. She hung in there for her singing dream!

Her voice power is the biggest characteristic. In order to remark her unique voice, we spent a lot of time selecting songs and making composition. The product proposal also took us a lot of effort. Those finally built up a new music style of this new Asian voice.

“I thought it’s the time to sing as long as I opened my mouth!” Angela finally understood what “singing” is after the training. Good singing requires process and training.

Attention, people on the Earth! Aliens are landing!
Alien hair + Black wind + Rainbow dress + Be Good dress = A+ power lookout
Unrealistic + Fantastic

Angela is like an alien. Big, powerful eyes. Universe appearance. Unrealistic + Charming.

She looks like other artists. Big eyes make her look like Wei Chao (趙薇). While pursing her mouth, she looks like Hsun Chou (周迅). She doesn’t think she looks like anyone but an alien! Indeed, a small face and big eyes, she is really like an alien!
Thus, the theme of this album was Unrealistic + Super charming. We hired Sun-Hua Chen (陳孫華), who used to design the look of Stefanie Sun, Jolin Tsai and Faith Yang, to design her.

He especially used a 300cm-long black scarf to fit her “alien hair.” This dress impressed everyone.

Another dress is a white shirt with irregular cutting and a black miniskirt. This is from a popular Japanese designer Junyawa Tanabe. The dress delivered a folk feeling, which also matched the theme of this album. It expanded Angela’s power. She was like an alien running forward! Rainbow dress was from a French antique store. She looked gorgeous in this dress, like a rainbow angel!

Attention, people on the Earth!
No 21-year-old girl can sing like her!
Small body can make that loud voice!

‧ “5 steps of dream coming true” *

1. “Yu Yan”: a song full of child fun and folk smell. This is a Christmas song in England. Lyricised by Ya-Chuan Wang (王雅君). Adapted by Siao An (小安). Produced by Wei Chen. We can hear Angela’s high pitch, powerful singing.

2. “Wo De Zuei Ai”: A song that makes a 21-year-old girl win a 38-year-old guy, the producer Wei Chen! Lyricised by Wei Chen and Guang-Chung Yu(于光中). Composed by Wei Chen. She doesn’t sound fake while being singing a slow love song.

3. “Tien Bian”: Lyricised by Jo-Lung Yao (姚若龍). Composed by Hsieh-Ching Pan (潘協慶). Made based on the rold Yi Tien-Bian in Dolphin Bay. Sweet and happy music represents Angela’s singing dream.

4. “Yu Hou”: Delivers the feeling of falling in love. Lyricised by Jo-Lung Yao. Composed by Jessica Sung (宋新妮). Free-style singing. Another good song after “Yi Shih De Mei Hao.”

5. “Na Han”: Deep White’s (深白色) first new try on folk music. Angela’s inborn power, not limited by her small body, yells out her talent. Make people overview her forceful singing.

Linfair Records

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