Angela Chang- Pandora

PandoraPandora 2

Release Compnay: Linfair Records

Released Date: 01/06/2006

Original Version-

1. 隱形的翅膀 Yin Hsing Te Chih Pang (Invisible Wings)
2. 潘朵拉 Pan Tuo La (Pandora)
3. 香水百合 Hsiang Shui Pai He (Perfume Lily)
4. 最近 Tsui Chin (Recently)
5. 真的 Chen Te (Real)
6. 驚天動地 Ching Tien Tung Ti (Amazing)
7. 保護色 Pao Hu Se (Protection Color)
8. 口袋的天空 Kou Tai Te Tien Kung (Pocket’s Sky)
9. 愛情旅程 Ai Ching Lu Cheng (Love Trip)
10. 喜歡你沒道理 Hsi Huan Ni Mei Tao Li (Like You without Reason)
11. 永晝 Yung Chou (Daytime Forever)

Ai Sha Version-


1. 隱形的翅膀 Yin Hsing Te Chih Pang (Invisible Wings)
2. 潘朵拉 Pan Tuo La (Pandora)
3. 香水百合 Hsiang Shui Pai He (Perfume Lily)
4. 最近 Tsui Chin (Recently)
5. 真的 Chen Te (Real)
6. 驚天動地 Ching Tien Tung Ti (Amazing)
7. 保護色 Pao Hu Se (Protection Color)
8. 口袋的天空 Kou Tai Te Tien Kung (Pocket’s Sky)
9. 愛情旅程 Ai Ching Lu Cheng (Love Trip)
10. 喜歡你沒道理 Hsi Huan Ni Mei Tao Li (Like You without Reason)
11. 永晝 Yung Chou (Daytime Forever)


1 潘朵拉 Pan Tuo La  MV
2 隱形的翅膀 Yin Hsing Te Chih Pang  MV
3 真的 Chen Te  MV
4 喜歡你沒道理 His Huan Ni Mei Tao Li  MV
5 香水百合 Hsiang Shui Pai He  MV
6 口袋的天空 Kou Tai Te Tien Kung  MV
7保護色 Pao Hu Se  MV
8 『愛殺十七』獨家珍藏花絮 Behind the Scene of “Ai Sha 17”

The newest album of Angela, Shao-Han Chang, “Pandora” 2006.
Strongly recommend the magical pentad.

Strongly promote: Pandora / a super producer, Wei Chen, and a naughty lyricist, Kuang-Chung Yu + fantastic, adventurous MV + “La La Dancing” filled with girl power + the apparel especially designed by Lung-Hao Kao, learning fashion design in France + the cutest “chameleon” company. They are all in this song, Pandora”, with an electronic rock’n’roll style.

Strongly promote: Real / Lung-Hsien Lin and Chun-Ting Chen co-produce. Deep White made another romantic song only for Angela after “Yelling.” With a tearing lyric, fans voted for it as the most suitable for karaoke.
Strongly promote: Invisible Wings / A brand-new national love song in 2006 written and composed by Ya-Chuan Wang after “Fable” and “Can’t Guess.” This warm folk song brings the earliest hope and most stable encouragement. The commercial jingle of “I Do Golden.” The ending song of “Eh Sha Shih Chi Sui” of GTV.

Strongly promote: Perfume Lily / Angela leads the pack in sweet electronic style. Produced and composed by Wei Chen. Tien-Lung Lee created this sweet, medium-fast song after “True Love Adventure” and “Aurora”. The commercial jingle of OLAY in China and Hong Kong.

Strongly promote: Pocket’s Sky / Classical + slow rock + romantic. Chun-Ting Chen produced. A-Kun, a member of the Don Gin Band, made a song for Angela at the first time. The beginning song of “Eh Sha Shih Chi Sui” of GTV.

“Fable” and “Aurora” made Angela become a hot star in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The invitations to have a performance made her extremely busy in 2005. However, singing is Angela’s favorite. She insists on releasing a new album every year and expects herself to have more excellent performances in music. This time, there are some more breakthrough and fresh ideas in the music in and the proposal about this album. Get ready to take an adventure with Angela!

◎ “11 whole new songs, playing in music world, Pandora’s child-like magical amusement”
From “A new sound of Asia” to “Hearing light of sound,” Angela is going to present the new music element full of magical and fantastic joy in2006.
【Modern electronic rock’n’roll music, child-like Pandora’s joy】
With direct and powerful sound and energy, Angela has an impressive, dramatic sound. She created a whole-new music world in this album, as if opening Pandora’s box, and will lead everyone to play in a child-like, magical, adventurous, amazing, spectacular, lovely… music world.

“Pandora” is a modern electronic song. Angela has a direct sound performance and this song is full of child-like music element. Produced by Wei Chen and written by Kuang-Chung Yu, it portrays that love resembles Pandora’s box, which you need to rip up the package of the box and find a true love after utilizing curiosity and graciousness.

【A warm folk song, national love song in 2006 – Invisible Wings】
Ya-Chun Wang made “Invisible Wings” for Angela after “Fable” and “Can’t Guess”. She has a strong feeling about Angela’s clear voice. One day, at a cold night, she was singing this song spontaneously. She thought it would be great to besung by Angela. She started writing the melody of that song and put a lyric with it. Both of the melody and the lyric bring a hope and power for 2006. During recording this song, Angela cried to the music. You can hear the power which calms your heart down from Angela’s voice.

【Fans’ favorite song after “Can’t Guess” — Real】
After “Yelling,” Deep White created this romantic, tearing song for Angela. This is fans’ favorite. What is more, “Perfume Lily” is a sweet, medium-fast song made by Tien-Lung Lee after “True Love Adventure” and “Aurora.”

On the other hand, “Pocket’s Sky” is made by A-Kun of the Don Gin Band. This was his first time making a song for Angela. There’re several more songs in this album which are composed or played by him, such as “Invisible Wings,” “Real,” Pocket’s Sky,” and “Love Trip.”

Lung-Hsuan Lin also made the two new songs for Angela, “Real” and “Love Trip,” after “Over The Rainbow.”

◎”Dramatic + Game-like new fashion”
The clothes designed Lung-Hao Kao of kaos attracts lots of attention. The designer, Ms. Kao, thought it’s novel after listening to this album. She planned to use “children’s fashion” as a center. The “Chameleon” clothes right emerged out of her head to made Angela look cute and sexy. After a while, Angela in that yellow clothes looked more girly. The chameleon scurf , 180 cm high and 5 kg weight, was hand-made by Mrs. Le. She knitted it with over 50 different colors of wool.

The designer also made a parachute uniform with more than 30-layer pink yarn to make butts shake cool. The white Latin pants are trendy and childish, making Angela dance terrifically. Ms. Kao also made several clothes of this album, like pure white wings. These wings combine silk and yarn. She used her hands to make some wrinkles on the wings.

In addition to the support from Ms. Kao, another designer, Hsiao-Yin She, picked up the colors to match the “Chameleon” topic. The music company assigned her the topic “Children’s fun + magic + colorful.” In order to achieve this task, she looked for everywhere; however, when she showed some surprising clothes, the feather boots, the chameleon earrings and necklace made by herself, and the latern skirt sewed with hundreds of golden buttons, Angela fell in love with all of them right away. She smiled and seemed that she finally succeeded.

◎”One million dollar MV + Golden Melody director producing a new visual world”
【Ultra-realistic, fantastic music video, a million dollars created Pandora】
Followed by “Fable” and “Mama Mama” MV, “Pandora” MV was filmed by Chung-Ping Huang, a Golden Melody winner. In this MV, the director slit a big iron flower with a laser to emphasize the mysterious feeling of the music video. He even sewed a 100 cm chameleon doll by his own hands. Later on, with a 3D animation, this doll was acting with Angela in the music video. You can see fantasy, ultra-reality, and magic in this video. Angela also tried to challenge with dancing. She learned “La La Dance” from Miracle. This dancing is cute and powerful. It made Angela grow interest in dancing, and she even wants to become a dancing expert now.

【Magical music video, magical special effects steal people’s eyeballs 】
In the “Invisible Wings” music video, besides putting on a pair of white wings, she also got to develop her acting to be an angel, seeing this unstable, cruel, and unfriendly world. Then, she sang “Invisible Wings” to bring people a hope and warm. She hoped everyone had a pair of invisible wings and had courage to step forward for their dream. While filming this video, the director wanted to hang Angela in the air at first; however, unexpectedly, it started to rain. The director came up with another substitute. He had Angela stand on a camcorder stage, put a frame around the stage, and lifted her up. Although everything looks wonderful in the screen, Angela was shivering due to the cold or fear!? In the video, Angela was an angel with magical tricks. She could move a cup with her eye sight. She could stop an earthquake shaking with one hand rising. Of course, those tricks were made by the special effects.

【Sweet music video, self-create tap dancing, compete dancing with a dancer 】
In the first promoted song “Pandora”, “La La Dance” grew Angela’s interest in dancing. She even asked the music company to have more physical performance for this album. Therefore, the dancing teacher designed some extra dancing for Angela after her request. Because “La La Dance” focuses on upper body and butts, the teacher, Miracle, self-created an alternative tap dance for “Perfume Lily” music video. He also asked a dancer to compete with Angela in the video. However, this arrangement gave the director an idea, which was that Angela was on the roof, an imaginary world, and adding a cute chameleon in the video. This chameleon danced with Angela when she was happy, and accompanied with her looking at stars on the roof when she was sad.

【An album filled with children’s fun, suitable for 1-100 years old + Grammy’s design nominee Ching-Yang Hsiao + an illustrator from Japan 】
Ching-Yang Hsiao, called Hsiao Da Hsia, was invited for this album. He is the first Chinese person nominated in album designing by Grammy. Although he is not good at pop design, he was excited and prudent about designing this album after accepting the invitation of designing for this popular female singer. He also proposed an idea of children’s fun, combined fashion, magic, and drawing, wanted to attract attention from 1 to 100 year-old people. IAMKEI from Japan was also invited to design some cute chameleon pictures and settings filled with children’s fun. They both joined to put magical power to “Pandora.”

◎”A popular commercial artist. Angela is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The best money making machine in 2006.”
Angela is so hot that she has gotten lots of commercial and drama invitations. This year, she even becomes the spokesman of OLAY in China and Hong Kong. Via the CF on the Internet, “Perfume Lily” was heard ahead in those two areas, and over a million people clicked the link in a month.

Angela is heading to all possible developments. She slates to shoot a soap opera every year. She is the most popular artist in Asia in singing, soap operas, commercials, and so on. This year, she even extends her territory to South Korea. She was invited to be in a live band TV program, “Kim Yoon A’s Musicwave”, becoming the first Chinese singer being on SBS channel.

There’re still lots of songs and commercials left. Getting commercial invitations the most, she flew to Shanghai to shoot a CF “Digit Entertainment” for the largest named brand “Lenovo China” in China! As one of the sponsors of the Olympics 2008, “Lenovo China” bought the golden 7:30 periods on CCTV with more than 100 million NT dollars to broadcast this CF and the new song “Recently”. It connected Angela with the Olympics ahead of time. 1.3 billion people in China got to see Angela at the same time!

Apart from the famous international named brand “Lenovo Vhina”, another online game in China “Joyxy” invited Angela to be their spokesman again. In the game, you can hear another new song of Angela, “Ching Tien Tung Ti”.

Last year, Angela helped “I Do Golden” get a good sale. This year, the company invited her to be their spokesman again. They even have “Chameleon” peripheral products in order to fit the main topic of this album. The company especially liked “Invisible Wings” after listening to the whole album. They thought it’s a very sentimental song. They also expected this popular singer would have a good sale, too!

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