Jolin Tsai- Dancing Diva

Dancing DivaDancing Diva (Celebration Edition) Title: Dancing Diva 舞孃

Release Date:
Original Edition- 05/12/2006
Celebration Edition (CD+DVD)- 07/07/2006

Label: EMI Capitol

01. Play Perfect 玩美
02. Dancing Diva 舞孃
03. Unbelievable Madrid 馬德里不思議
04. Pretend 假裝
05. Desiring Lips 唇唇欲動
06. Heart-shaped Ring 心型圈
07. Breakup Day離人節
08. Mr. Q
09. Be Good 乖乖牌
10. Final Episode 最終話
11. Introduction to Beginning 開場白

Super star is landing
International weapons and fashion

In the beginning of 2006, the most important thing is nothing but Jolin joining Capitol Music. She became the first queen of this Music Palace. Capitol spent a million dollars on the greeting press conference for this super star and agreed to give her more music sources and a new music environment with more freedom. Jolin could do whatever she would like. At the press conference, surprisingly, Capitol even announced that she would release her new album on May 12th, which was more than 3 months ahead! Capitol even promised they wouldn’t fool people by the release date. There was a countdown ceremony for her new album!

“Dancing Diva” broke all the rules: more than 30-million-dollar budget; music videos for all the 11 songs; music video filmed in Hungary; dancing training in New York; rearranging music for the music videos; receiving a body training half a year ago; having a new director film music videos. Those will be seen along with the step-by-step promotion of “Dancing Diva.” You will see Jolin all the way from April to May, June, and July, 2006.

Every time Jolin is standing in front of people, she isn’t only an icon of fashion but also has an unpredictable performance under the spotlight. For this album (the new album after her 1-year rest), she took the initiation to communicate with the team even though she had many commercial shootings and concerts. This time, she will bring a international-level performance. She secretly started the training half a year ago with the help from Mr. Sheng-Feng Chang (張勝豐), who had learned “Light Wave Dance” (光波舞) in Japan. Everyone will be visually amazed at her!

This time, she will also bring a different taste on fashion. It is nothing special anymore to look shining. You can have your style with long black hair and slight eye make-up. Jolin perfectly wears every in-style clothes together. Classic versus casual, ocean-ish versus lady-like, gracious versus sexy.

Different faces of Jolin, “Dancing Diva” shows you

11 golden pop songs
5 hot producers Yu-Fen Ma (馬毓芬), Yu Hao (宇豪), A-Di (阿弟仔), Chih-Ping Wang (王治平), Peter Lee (李偲菘) ad Sam Lee (李偉菘)
Dancing Diva gives you a Jolin you have never seen before

1/.<Play Perfect>

This is a song of girls in 21st century.
Girls will no long rely on love, no long blindly just follow fashion.
They will know how to “play” themselves, how to handle everything with a confident, beautiful mind.
At the beginning, Jolin is talking with boys and girls who are confused about love or fashion in this wolrd by singing “Ladies and Gentleman,Welcome!” She were like a host waiting for people to her feast of “Play Perfect.”

Jolin is telling them with a wilder vocal, “I, is the queen!”
*the newest jingle for LUX body wash commercial

2/.<Dancing Diva>

Jolin can grap all attention by means of having a dancing song. Concise rhythm, perfect flow, easy-to-remember lyric makes this song. This song is also why she started a special training half a year ago, an international-level weapon!

Mr. Sheng-Feng Chang blended the hottest dancing in Japan, Middle-east dancing, Reggae and Hip-hop to “Light Wave Dance” for Jolin. It is the dance that requires the power from hips and chest to generate a sudden shake, like a rip of water wave.
Visually, Jolin is really a queen dancing with 8 dancers. No any foreign style accessories on her. You will see a fresh Jolin.

3/.<Unbelievable Madird>

This is a very cute song full of European atmosphere.
Jolin went to Budapest, Hungary for the music video. The European street view we usually can only see in pictures is all in the video.

“Dancing Diva” and “Play Perfect” are not hard for Jolin, but people can still node their head along with the music while listening to Jolin’s sweet voice in “Unbelievable Madrid.”

The lyric materializes emotion with dome, red dancing suit like a fire, and the other terms. Jolin is motivating you with her tongue to have a romantic love.
Sound from the wood maracas reminds people of the wonderful period in puberty.
There are too many symbols from an e-mail. Let’s write a letter with a quill.
Also clip on a pansy (“missing”). So romantic~

Jolin has already been a super star, but don’t forget, she is still a girl who is looking forward to a love.


“Pretend” made Jolin cry.

This ballad delivers the idea of nothing we can do. Jolin always had tears in the eyes while recording this song…

The firector of the music video is Cheng-Tao Chen (陳正道) (the director of “The Heirloom” (宅變)), who is the youngest Taiwanese nominated by Venice Film Festival) + Chih-Chien Lin (林志堅) (the director of photography of the Hong Kong movie “Isabella”(伊莎貝拉)), who is the youngest Hong Kong photographer nominated by Berlin International Film Festival.

Jolin acts a young vendor in he music video.
By accident, she bumps into her ex and his current girlfriend.
The interaction between them is exactly what it was like while she was dating him.
Everything in the past is emerging……
This dramatic story can happen in the real world. The video has a strong Shunji Iwai (岩井俊二) style.

5/.<Desiring Lips>
The jingo for Maxfactor lipstick. The commercial in which Jolin is.
Nowadays, women are not obsessed about thin lips anymore.
Everyone wants to have a lip-thickening surgery….
But Jolin was born with thick lips, naturally.
being confident and proud of this characteristic attracted the company to invite her.
A-Di’s composing shows out Jolin’s sexy smell also.

6/.<Heart-shaped Ring>
Google your lover’s name,
Get hundreds of results?
Or get a NOT FOUND answer?
Jokingly, look “forever” up in a dictionary.
But the obscured heart-shaped ring on the window is telling me the answer……
Composed by Yu Hao from Nan Quan Mama (南拳媽媽), lyric from Wen-Shan Fang (方文山).
Another good love song.

7/.<Breakup Day>
Sweet and sad. Begin and end.
While more than 6 billion people on the Earth are celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th,
what are people who have broken up with their couples doing?

Jolin challenges people with an opposite opinion about Valentine’s Day.
February 14th is no long Valentine’s Day.
For those who just lost their love, it is the beginning to wipe off tears, say goodbye to the past, and greet future.

8/.<Mr. Q>

For the sake of this very Americanized song, Capitol particularly had Jolin to learn the new American dancing from an American dancing teacher.
Jolin also write the rap for this song, showing her outstanding English capability.
Mr. Q in this song who is singing with Jolin is not fake.
Capitol found a “real” Mr. Q for Jolin.
Who is the real Mr. Q?
Stay tuned. The answer will make many people crazy.

9/.<Final Episode>
The rhythm is long like a dragon, from Peter Lee. The lyric is from A-Shin (阿信) (from Mayday (五月天)). Will be a high-level KTV hit.

10/.<Introduction to Beginning>
The lyric from Jolin herself sometimes has double meanings. It says that people still can be friends after breaking up with each other. You can smell some feeling from the bottom of Jolin’s heart after she becomes a super star, not really able to say what is in her mind.

Number One Super Star in Mandarin music  Jolin Tsai! Gonna burn out 2006 with the release of “Dancing Diva.”
[Value Features] Dancing Diva‧11 music videos
CD with 11 songs + 11 music videos

*Translated from EMI.


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