Jolin Tsai- Di Tsai

Di Tsai Title: Di Tsai  Dancing Forever Concert DVD   地才 唯舞獨尊紀實

Release Date: 06/08/2007

Label: EMI Capitol

01. Just Need More Time
02. One and Lonely
03. Let’s Dance
04. Impossible is Possible
05. Never Give Up

She didn’t have any strength left anymore,
but she stood up again!
Nobody dared to make any sound,
But she was angrier than anyone else.
She didn’t want failure.
Her thighs were full of bruises.
Her legs were wrapped with bandages.
Her legs were cramping and painful every day.
We teased her by calling her Superwoman.
She said she was
just a Di Tsai (地才*).

The DVD features the behind the scenes of the three Dancing Forever concerts.
Jolin also said something to her music company, agent and fans.
And the reasons why she is always working so hard. And other more secrets.
More than those, the DVD is made to deliver Jolin’s life philosophy, work attitude, personal characteristic.
-If you think you can, you can!

*Di Tsai (地才): In Mandarin, genius is Tien Tsai (天才). Tien means sky, which is opposite to Di, meaning ground. The new term Di Tsai is created to be opposite to Tien Tsai. Here, Di Tsai means people who are not super intelligent can become successful after working very very hard.

Translated from EMI Jolin Website.


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