Jolin Tsai- Don’t Stop

Don’t Stop

Title: Don’t Stop

Release Date: 04/26/2000

Reissue Date: 05/24/2005

Label: Universal Music

01. Don’t Stop
02. Are You Happy? 你快樂嗎?
03. What Kind of Love 什麼樣的愛
04. You Gotta Know
05. Forever 永恆
06. Hi 嗨
07. Lonely People Always Don’t Mind孤單的人總說無所謂
08. Floating 漂浮
09. Sing This Song 唱這首歌
10. Sugar Sugar

Don’t Stop is Jolin’s second album, which is translated from S Club 7’s. It is about the dream and braveness of the new generation for the future and their attitude towards love. Besides David Wu (吳大衛), Peter Lee (李偲菘) and Sam Lee (李偉菘), three of which were the producers of the previous album, this album includes Wei Chen (陳偉). In addition, she flew to New York to work on “Don’t Stop,” “Are You Happy,” and “Forever” again with the four African Americans as the background vocals for the previous album.

The lyrists and composers are outstanding. Wei Chen (陳偉), Peter Lee (偲菘), Shu-Chun Huang (黃舒駿), Kwok Zhi (郭子), ? Yuan (珒f元), Liang-Chun Yeh (葉良俊), Yu-Kang Wu (鄔裕康), and Ju-Hung Hu (胡如虹) all contribute to this record. The music styles are composed of pop music, R&B, Rock’n’roll, Reggae, etc. What’s more, Jolin re-sang the English old song “The Rose” in the previous album. This time, she changes “Sugar Sugar” to a Hip-hop version in the year of 2000. Jolin’s personal feature is continuing.

Data source: Universal Music

*Translated from Hit FM.

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