Jolin Tsai- Favorite Live Concert

Jolin Favorite Live Concert Music

Title: Jolin Favorite Live Concert Music Collection 最愛Live Concert音樂精選

Release Date: 11/03/2006

Label: SONY BMG Music

01. Wild Game (Remix) 野蠻遊戲 (REMIX)
02. The Greek Girl of the Willing Pond (REMIX) 許願池的希臘少女
03. Overlooking Purposely (Remix) 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼 (REMIX)
04. Paradise (Remix) 樂園 (REMIX)
06. Magic + 36 Tips for Love + Signature Gesture (Live Version) 看我72變+愛情36計+招牌動作 (經典舞曲LIVE版)
07. Starter + Repeat Note (Jolin’s Workpiece Re-composed) 始作俑者+反覆記號 (JOLIN 創作 重新改編)
08. Rope on Saddle + Be Yourself One Day + Miss You (Guitar Version) 馬甲上的繩索+做一天的你+好想你 (抒情經典吉他伴奏版)
09. Say Love You + Just Love + Prague Plaza (Live Version with Jay Chou) 說愛你+就是愛+布拉格廣場 (雙J精典LIVE版)
10. I’m Still Your Lover + Cut Love (Re-sing) 我依然是你的情人+剪愛 (翻唱)
11. Sky + Rewind (Piano Version) 天空+倒帶 (經典搖滾 鋼琴伴奏版)
12. Fake Confession + Taste of Lemongrass (Live Version) 假面告白+檸檬草的味道 (經典抒情LIVE版)
02. Kill Cupid (Remix) 追殺丘比特 (REMIX)
03. Mind-reading with Clothes (Remix) 衣服占心術 (REMIX)
04. Angel of Love (with Andy An) 愛的天使 (蔡依林 安志杰 男女合唱)
05. I’m So Afraid of Darkness 我很怕黑
06. Why You 你為何
07. Jolin’s Remix Songs (Overlooking Purposely + Wild Game + The Greek Girl of the Willing Pond + Oh Oh) Jolin勁舞混音曲 (睜一隻眼閉一隻眼+野蠻遊戲+西許願池的希臘少女+OHOH)

20 must-be-sung songs at Jolin’s concert. Re-arrange the music.
J1 Live concert songs “I’m Still Your Lover” and “Cut Love” which wasn’t featured before.
Plus, Jolin’s favorite “I’m So Afraid of Darkness,” “Why You” and “Angel of Love.”
+ the remix of the 3 well-known singles
+ 52 photos on all the concerts

*Translated From SONY BMG Music.

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