Jolin Tsai- J-game


Title: J-game 野蠻遊戲

Release Date: 04/25/2005

Label: SONY BMG Music

01. Intro- Welcome to the J-game
02. Wild Game 野蠻遊戲
03. The Greek Girl by the Wishing Pond 許願池的希臘少女
04. Sky 天空
05. Overlooking Purposely 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼
06. Repeat Note 反覆記號
07. Sweet and Sour 酸甜
08. Uh Oh
09. Exclusive Myth 獨佔神話
10. Killing Cupid 追殺邱比特
11. Missing You 好想你

The biggest album of 2005 J-game comes with 3 sets of the postcards of Jolin’s beauty game and lyrics.
10 songs of dancing and touching music journey  10 adventures of reality and fantasy
Welcome to Jolin’s “J-GAME”  the music game from Jolin in 2005
“J”isco is first created
Blends “Hip-hop,” “Electrical,” “Old School” and “Disco”

With new music style  Jisco is going to be a big shot
Super producers Chung-Ming Hsueh (薛忠銘) + Golden Melody genius Leehom Wang (王力宏) + Golden Melody winner “A-Di” 阿弟仔) + New face Wesley (衛斯理)
Have built J-GAME  waiting for you to join!

  Although “Magic” and “Castle” have broken many records, Jolin and the music company weren’t satisfied with these. They were still thinking to make new music, to have new innovation. Therefore, Leehom Wang and Wesley were invited to be part of this album with Chung-Ming Hsueh, Chih-Ping Wnag, A-Di, and Chia-You Chou. They wanted to create a new Jolin by having this new producer team!
Three passwords  Three music elements  Composed of J-game
Evolution and then upgrading  Jolin after mutation  More Charming more self-confident
   Starting with more self-confidence and innovation, the proposal team came up with three names of Jolin game: “Jisco-Game,” “Jissing-Game” and “Jancy-Game.”
Have your own game  Create your own role  Jisco-Game
Start your body engine  Enjoy music speeding  Disco is good  Hip Hop is also fine
In between one eye opening and the other closing  OH OH! Can be wild can be gracious
   ”Jisco-Game” represents speeding dancing songs, combined with Hip Hop, Electrical, Old School and Disco. You can feel a strong rhythm exchange in the song “Wild Game.” Jolin even uses her cute vocal to irritate your exciting nerve cells in “OH OH” and “Overlooking Purposely.”
Have your own game  Create your own role  Jissing-Game
In the sky of love  Looking for any repeated marks with slight sourness and mild sweetness
Password: Missing You  Missing you so much

   ”Jissing-Game” is originated from missing. She sings out all kinds of emotion including missing, sorrow, and growing. She makes people brave to face them. “Sky,” composed by Wesley (from Awaking), starts with a piano background and then develops to a powerful chapter like the rainbow after a rain. It will be a very popular song especially with Jolin’s low but colorful voice.
Have your own game  Create your own role  Jancy-Game
Unlimitedly utilize your imagination  To have your mysterious party
Pray to Cupid by a Greek pond  Release colorful beams of Fancy
   ”Jancy-Game” will release many fantastic images, draw out different music faces with the unique composition and cute rhythm. “The Greek Girl by the Wishing Pond” still has Jolin’s own foreign atmosphere inside. “Killing Cupid” is full of power and softness.
   Music genius Leehom Wang helped Jloin produce “Exclusive Myth” at the first time. The modern rhythm with Chinese ancient music makes people moving between the past and the present. It is an excellent song with both eastern and western tastes. Jolin uses her soft but enthusiastic voice to tell this love myth.
Music journey from 10 songs  10 games you have to experience  See how Jolin has grown
   With the them of “Game,” this album hopes to have “Creative Adventure” and “Try Bravely” extended from Jolin’s music. Jolin’s music kingdom isn’t only dancing music anymore. There are adventure, excitation, sorrow and transformation in the kingdom. They are telling people the rule of thumb for life, friendship and love- don’t give up, always look forward.

*Translated from SONY BMG Music.

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