Jolin Tsia- J-Top

Title: J-Top  J-TOP冠軍精選Release Date: 05/05/2006

Label: SONY BMG Music

01. Choice I Want 我要的選擇
02. Magic 看我72變
03. Say Love You 說愛你
04. Fake Confession 假面的告白
05. 36 Tips for Love 愛情36計
06. Just Love 就是愛
07. Taste of Lemongrass 檸檬草的味道
08. Pirate 海盜
09. Exclusive Myth 獨佔神話
10. Disappeared Castle 消失的城堡
11. Taste of Popcorn 爆米花的味道
01. Mind-reading with Clothes 衣服占心術
02. Wild Game 野蠻遊戲
03. The Greek Girl by the Willing Pond 許願池的希臘少女
04. Sky 天空
05. Signature Gesture 招牌動作
06. Love Love Love
07. Repeat Note 反覆記號
08. Overlooking Purposely 睜一隻眼閉一隻眼
09. Prague Plaza 布拉格廣場
10. Rewind 倒帶
11. Knight Spirit 騎士精神
01. Choice I Want MV/DVD 我要的選擇 MV/DVD
02. Signature Gesture MV/DVD 招牌動作 MV/DVD
03. Public Pollution from Being Single MV/DVD單身公害 MV/DVD
04. Paradise MV/DVD 樂園 MV/DVD
05. 2002-2005 J-TOP Climax of Jolin Tsai /DVD  2002-2005蔡依林J-TOP巔峰時期全紀錄/DVD

An unbeatable music miracle  Collect the most outstanding period of Jolin
Limited Edition features: Jolin 2002-2006 Top photo album
52 pages  Record Jolin’s history during her climax at a time
Also: photos with Jay Chou on J1 concert
2006/04/21 pre-order starts  2006/05/05 release in Asia
We were with her
going through the worst time of her life.
We saw her break through barriers.
We fought with her  achieving her music climax.
We saw her have the first true love in her life.
We stayed with her to get through the sorrow from breakup.
We used to feel sad and cry for her toughness.

It’s us who walked with her during the worst period,
who looked at the bright sky with her after rain.
We saw her truest smiling.
We recorded this smile with music.
All the songs were written for her true mind.
So they became so worthwhile.
We saw her grow up and also grew up with her.
After experiencing so many frustrations and successes,
she leaves
the truest, most touching music  the most beautiful dancing.
Although that kind of Jolin wouldn’t appear anymore,
we still want to make those beautiful moments forever.
All the scenes  every moment while you were being top  will be forever
We wish you the best
while moving forwards to another stage of life,
there will be a more beautiful future.

*Translated from SONY BMG Music.


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