Jolin Tsai- J9 Party

J9 Party (compilation)

Title: J9 Party  J9新歌+PARTY精選 <compilation>

Release Date: 11/12/2004

Label: SONY BMG Music

01. Signature Gesture 招牌動作
02. Public Pollution from Being Single 單身公害
03. Magic 看我72變
04. Good Cat 乖貓
05. Say Love You 說愛你
06. 36 Tips for Love 愛情36計
07. Pirate 海盜
08. Just Love 就是愛
10. Taste of Popcorn 爆米花的味道

Mandarin music champion Jolin Tsai
Special project in 2004 “Holiday Limited Edition” J9 new songs + Party collection
Features two new singles “Signature Gesture” and “Public Pollution from Being Single”
And the remix version of “Magic,” “36 Tips for Love” 8 songs
2004/11 ~ 2005/02 Limited to holiday  Super Value  Collecting Purpose
2004/11/12 Start on the market
Super Asian star Jolin Tsai is going to have her first concert “J1 live concert” in Taiwan on 11/20. In order to warm up the concert, the music company releases this compilation, the first one of Jolin, to let her fans be able to review all of her most popular songs before the concert. By the time, fans and their friends will be high at the concert!
“J9” is the short form of Jolin’s Night. “9” instead of “Night” is a quite popular writing among foreign dancing music and black people. This expression means that all the songs are perfect for night clubbing!
“J9” contains two new songs and 8 remix songs. Vivid dancing music matches the happy atmosphere on holidays (say, Christmas and New Year).
Every time, Jolin wants to give people a different felling. This time, she dressed up like a Barbie for the record cover. This compilation is limited to holidays, which means it won’t be reprinted anymore three months later. People who like Jolin and dancing music can’t miss this great opportunity to have it!
The highest party music of this year! The most listening party music of this year!
Only Jolin Tsai!

*Translated from SONY BMG Music.

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