Jolin Tsai- Lucky Number

Lucky Number
Title: Lucky Number

Release Date: 07/07/2001

Label: Universal Music

01. Bridge over Troubled Water
02. Look After Me 看緊我
03. Lucky Number
04. If You Don’t Want 如果不想要
05. Catcher 補手
06. Take it Easy
07. Only One of You 只有一個你
08. Why You Can’t Say Clearly 你怎麼連話都說不清楚
09. Surprise
10. Let Me 由我

Waiting for several months, people are going to see Young Boy Killer JOLIN again! This is hr fourth album. Jolin can’t wait to share her upgraded power with her fans after the accumulation from the previous three albums.

People usually think Jolin has a sweet face, excellent dancing and friendly attitude. This time, people will hear Jolin’s fine vocal. Jolin also wants to remind people that she was the winner of MTV’s singing talent show, beating more than 5,000 applicants!

Jolin’s singing style is extended by having ballad, R&B, hip-hop, disco in this record. There is an old English song “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Jolin didn’t have trouble transcripting it since she likes English songs a lot. She even changed the original soft singing to more powerful and had African Americans as the background vocals again. All of these make this song more international and high quality, more like pop music.

Not limited by perfect singing, Jolin always challenges herself, so more powerful vocal is heard. More international composition is included. Those are hard to be seen from other student singers. Her fans will hear a more powerful Jolin.

Data source: Universal Music

*Translated from Hit FM.


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