Jolin Tsai- Magic


Title: Magic 看我72變

Release Date:
Limited Edition- 03/07/2003
Original Edition- 03/07/2003
Deluxe Edition- 05/23/2003

Label: SONY BMG Music

01. Say Love Me 說愛我
02. Magic 看我72變
03. Fake Confession 假面的告白
04. Slave Boat 奴隸船
05. Prague Plaza 布拉格廣場
06. Be Yourself One Day 做一天的你
07. Prove It
08. Taste of Popcorn 爆米花的味道
09. Rope on Saddle 馬甲上的繩索
10. Good Stuff 好東西
11. Knight Spirit 騎士精神

2003 Jolin’s first album from SONY!
Limited edition features photos in Korea + free Asgard online game trial (150-dollar credits) + an IBS Fake Face Jeans Coupon!
It’s like being cursed by accident.
Make people involuntarily close their eyes.
Like going into winter sleep, caged in the vacuum.
Don’t know how many days there has been.
Growing dream and absorbing moonlight.
Falling into sleep deeply like a dream.
Right at the moment of sunrise, ignite with magic
Most red, fire in an icy world.
Finally open up the seal lasting for a thousand year.
At the changing moment, whole-new Jolin jumps out from the ice.
Super team creates this “whole-new talented idol.”
Golden Melody Awards Best Composer winner: Sam Lee (偉菘)
Golden Melody Awards Best Album music talent: Jay Chou
New dancing priest: Yi Huang (黃怡), Chih-Ping Wang (王治平)
Love song expert: Chun-Ming Hsueh (薛忠銘)
Combine together to create Jolin’s charming vocal which hasn’t been heard before.
Super recommendation 
Magic: a combination of eastern and western music. Brings a new style for dancing music!
Fake Confession: Taiwan’s media describe as “the truest sound after debut!”
Say Love You: Jay Chou’s work in 2003. Exclusive!

*Translated from SONY BMG Music.


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