Jolin Tsai- Show Your Love

Show Your Love

Title: Show Your Love

Release Date: 12/22/2000

Label: Universal Music

01. Show Your Love
02. Love Is Around the Corner 快有愛
03. Do You Still Love Me? 你還愛我嗎?
04. Baby Face
05. If You Had Said You Loved Me on That Day 如果那天你說愛我
06. Can’t Let Go 捨不得
07. Love One Street 愛上一條
08. Pretty Pretty Day
09. See Right Away 一眼就看到
10. Feel Your Presence 感覺你的存在

Different from singing as a little young girl, Jolin becomes more mature in this album SHOW YOUR LOVE. After turning 20, Jolin wants to tell everyone that she is grown-up. She is looking forward to love, so there are 5 songs containing “love” this word (Show Your Love, Do You Still Love Me, Love One Street, Love Is Around the Corner, If You Had Said You Loved Me on That Day). The producers from the previous two albums (David Wu (吳大衛), Wei Chen (陳偉), Peter Lee (偲菘), Sam Lee (偉菘) and JAE (a super producer from Korea) worked together to emphasize the international quality of this record.

The first promoted song Show Your Love is a lively party song, as well as the style at which Jolin is good. This song was particularly sent to New York and had 8 African Americans as the background vocals to heat up the dancing element. “If You Had said You Loved Me on That Day” includes ocean-like atmosphere. Jolin worked with the female producer Sandee Chen at the first time. Sandee led Jolin to look into the love world with the view of a woman. Jolin also worked with ? Te (陰`德) in “Love Is Around the Corner” at the first time. The lyrist shows the brave love confession of a 20-year-old girl. Especially, this song has a 16-degree note difference, which is wider than the 12 degrees in “I Know You’re Feeling Blue.” The producer Wei Chen was so impressed about her fast transformation and growing up in half a year.

Data source: Universal Music

*Translated from Hit FM.

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